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What appliance inish do home 

stagers recommend most?

Stainless Steel

91% of home stagers surveyed recommend stainless steel for resale.

Stainless Steel Pros and Cons


• Increases the value of the home• Smudges easily

• Easy to care for, if done consistently• May scratch or dent

Stainless Steel Care Tips

Routine cleaning - Use warm water and a cloth. Wipe in the direction of the polish lines. 

Microiber cloths are a great tool for this type of cleaning.

Deeper cleaning - If you need a little more power when cleaning, use warm water and a 

mild detergent. Rinse well and dry throughly.

Got ingerprints? - Windex works great on stainless steel. Regular use gives your appliance 

a clean and streak-free inish.

Stainless steel cleaner - Commercial cleaners work great for scratches and stains.

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